lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

Plc2RelayOnOff (3.0.1) for IOS (iPhone iPad)

While waiting for Apple to approve the version 3.0.0 of PLC2RelayOnOff, I prepared a new version, 3.0.1.
This nuov version improves handling of the relays, and receives the value of the relay after you send a command, in response to the action itself.
In this way, we know in real time whether the command has reached the destination without error.
Previously, after each command, we would read the status of the relay.
Thanks to the Log (debug) we can see in real time the actions you perform commands, and if we have activated the timer, at this exact moment, send the command and reports all of Log.

In attesa che Apple approvi la versione 3.0.0 di PLC2RelayOnOff, ho pronta una nuova versione, la 3.0.1.
Questa nuov versione migliora la gestione dei relè, e riceve il valore del relè dopo che si è inviato il comando, in risposta all'azione stessa.
In questo modo, sappiamo in tempo reale se il comando ha raggiunto la destinazione senza errori.
In precedenza, dopo ogni comando, leggevamo lo stato dei relè. 
Grazie alla funzione Log (debug) possiamo vedere in tempo reale le azioni che compiono i comandi, e se abbiamo attivato il timer, questo al momento esatto, invia il comando e relaziona tutto su Log.

sabato 10 ottobre 2015

Plc 2 Relay On Off for iPhone and iPad Version (2.8.0) IS ON LINE

Apple approval  the version 2.8 of the program Plc2RelayOnOff
for card Kmtronic with two relay

This new version fixes some problems encountered by users, which is promptly communicated them.
Also corrects the problem starting in IOS 9.0.

Thanks to all users who have been able to wait patiently approval times by apple.

Apple ha approvato la  versione 2.8 del programma Plc2RelayOnOff per  la scheda Kmtronic con due relè

Questa nuova versione corregge alcuni problemi riscontrati dagli utenti, i quali prontamente c'è li hanno comunicati.
Inoltre corregge il problema di avvio in IOS 9.0.

Grazie a tutti gli utenti che con pazienza hanno saputo aspettare i tempi di approvazione da parte di apple.

mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Added the OFF timer in all relays PLC

All PLC applications for both Android (which most had) that iOS (iPhone and iPad) are going to be updated with the new switch-off time.
I have included two new features:
1) The function of debugging (which is activated by pressing the LOG key)
2) The function resets the database, hidden function (which will be announced only on richiesta)
I also optimized the error reports, in some cases, when the connection is not optimal was displayed an error message that deceived the operator.

Applications for Apple, as you know, have a long waiting period before being approved.
(It would be appropriate, that Apple for updates, reduced wait times for approval)

The Android apps are approved within hours.

lunedì 5 ottobre 2015

Plc 8 Relay on off UDP for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad) with timer off

Plc 8 Relay on off UDP for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPad) with timer off has been completed and will soon be available in the stores of Apple and Google.
This new version is characterized by the presence of the OFF timer.
I entered the DEBUG function, which is activated by pressing the LOG button. to test the timers inserted.

giovedì 1 ottobre 2015

Plc 8x4 Relay On Off for IOS (iPhone e iPad) is online

Apple has approved Plc 8x4 Relay On Off  and is available at iTunes.
This application supports iOS 9.0 and later versions.

Plc 2 Relay On Off UDP for IOS (iPhone e iPad) is online

Apple has approved Plc 2 Relay On Off UDP  and is available at iTunes.
This application supports iOS 9.0 and later versions.

giovedì 24 settembre 2015

All relay applications have been updated and sent to Apple for approval.

I inform you that I have updated all the applications that are run relay Kmtronic and now support the new version of Apple's operating system iOS 9.0.

The applications are waiting to be approved by Apple after which will be made public in this way, users can update them without problems.

Ringranzio anyone quickly inforamto I have the problem of not avviao after installing IOS 9.

I lined the version to 2.7. 0
After this version, I have beta version 3.0

Vi comunico che ho aggiornate tutte le applicazioni che gestiscono i relè della Kmtronic e adesso supportano la nuova versione del sistema operativo di Apple IOS 9.0.

Le applicazioni sono in attesa di essere approvate dalla Apple dopo di chè saranno rese pubbliche in questo modo gli utenti potranno aggiornarle senza problemi.

Ringranzio tutti coloro che celermente mi hanno inforamto del problema del non avviao dopo aver installato IOS 9.

Ho allineato le versione alla 2.7. 0
Dopo questa versione, ho in fase beta la versione 3.0