mercoledì 20 marzo 2013

App for PLC Relay 2 Control on Ethernet with web server

PLC 2 Relè Controllo Remoto - screenshot thumbnailThis program allows you to control the relay of the Board KMTronic (C) , fantastic hardware that can turn on and off 2 relays connected to a LAN network . (Relay Ethernet iPhone  Kmtronic )
The configuration is very simple, after installing the program, go to Settings ( gear), a panel opens pre-filled with the sample data , you will need to replace the existing data with those you have set in your card and click on the "Save" button .

If the parameters are correct, click on "Local Connect / DNS Connect" you will see eight icons in the shape of the lamp (turned off if the relay is OFF, if the relay is switched ON)

This program allows you to control a webserver via Ethernet port that is equipped with 2 relays