domenica 29 novembre 2015

Plc Temperature Monitor for Android Beta 3

The beta 3 of the program was completed.
In this version I have included the minimum and maximum limits for each temperature sensor in the settings.
If a value exceeds the limit, the display changes color, alerting the user.
I also added a warning via SMS, in this way, the program sends an SMS with the name of the sensor value across and the limit has been exceeded.

venerdì 27 novembre 2015

giovedì 19 novembre 2015

Thank you all for the support in the development of PLC applications for IOS

Create applications for IOS is not simple, the need for appropriate platform that supports "XCODE 7".  
XCode 7 while being free can only work with an Apple machine of the last generation, and have a high cost, this was the main problem for the continuous development and updating of PLC programs for IOS.For these reasons.
I thank all those who have been patient and supported the development of these applications with patience.With IOS 9 there was a slowdown in growth, I had to update all applications to make them compatible with the new system.In addition, approval of apple was longer than expected, and for those who had updated its operating system was a problem, but now, after two months all efforts were rewarded by your thanks, and I also want thank you all for the confidence and patience.

domenica 1 novembre 2015

PLC Relay 8 UDP (1.0.0) for IOS (iPhone iPad) IS ONLINE

"Plc 8 Relay On Off UDPVersion 1.0.0 is ready.
This pilot program the card Kmtronic (c) equipped with 8 relays.
This program allows you to send the signal "on" and "off" to the relay.
The UDP version has the commands "On" and "Off" unlike the version that has the TCP command sends impulse relay so the relay is actuated and the value is reversed.


Plc8RelayOnOff web Relay (2.8.1) for IOS (iPhone iPad) IS ONLINE

The wait was long, Is online PLC8RelayOnOff Web Relay,  version 2.8.1.
This new version improves handling of the relays, and receives the value of the relay after you send a command, in response to the action itself.
In this way, we know in real time whether the command has reached the destination without error.
Previously, after each command, we would read the status of the relay.
Thanks to the Log (debug) we can see in real time the actions you perform commands, and if we have activated the timer, at this exact moment, send the command and reports all of Log