martedì 28 marzo 2017

Plc8WebRelay version 5 is coming out!

In this new version I have implemented the motifiche tested Plc2WebRelay, timer management, timed start and customizing icons.

sabato 18 marzo 2017

Plc 2 Web Relay version 5.0.0 is released!

The test phase has been completed, it will soon be available via the portal "Play Store" the new version 5.0.0 of the application Plc2WebRelay.
Thanks to everyone who helped test this new application.
The version 5.0.0 as anticipated, contains the following new features:
- Customize icons, file explorer to assign the image file; (Internal memory)
- Icon Animation automatic update, according to the time specified in the settings.

venerdì 17 marzo 2017

mercoledì 15 marzo 2017

Custom button in the new version 5.0 Plc2WebRelay

Here's a preview of what evolves the settings screen, allowing you to choose the imagines in the various buttons.

sabato 11 marzo 2017

New version (4.3.7) of PLC 2 Web Relay

With this latest update, the application also runs the old cards of Kmtronic. The old cards do not accept direct commands, but only receive pulse commands. Also older cards were not providing the relay label, in some sections.
In order to make it easier to manage, I added the ability to choose which type of card you're using.
Also, I have added the ability to choose, for the new cards, labels programmed directly the card, or the labels in the program settings.
Finally, I completed the timers, placing the clocks, for 2 relays; imporant to remember that you can not simultaneously use both timer that clocks for each relay;
Remember that timers / clocks are virtual, the loss of connection, may result in equipment damage, it is appropriate to combine hardware timer.

Con quest'ultimo aggiornamento, l'applicazione gestisce anche le vecchie schede della Kmtronic. Le vecchie schede non accettano comandi diretti, ma ricevono solo comandi ad impulso. Inoltre le vecchie schede non fornivano l'etichetta del relè, in alcune sezioni.
Al fine di rendere più facile la gestione, ho inserito la possibilità di scegliere quale tipo di scheda si sta utilizzando.
Inoltre, ho inserito la possibilità di scegliere, per le nuove schede, le etichette programmate direttamente nella scheda, oppure le etichette presenti nelle impostazioni del programma.
Infine, ho completato i timer, inserendo gli orologi, per i 2 relè; importante ricordare che non si possono utilizzare contemporaneamente sia i timer che gli orologi per singolo relè;

Ricordate che i timer/orologi sono virtuali, la perdita di connessione, può causare danni alle apparecchiature, è opportuno abbinare timer hardware.

domenica 5 marzo 2017

New version (4.1.3) of PLC 2 Web Relay

 This program allows you to control the relay of the card KMTronic (C), hardware that can turn on and off 2 relays connected to a LAN network . 

The configuration is very simple, after installing the program, go to Setting with menu, and insert value url, users, password.

There is also a virtual timer, it is recommended that if you use the timer setting, add a hardware timer to the card.  In the case of signal interruption toward the Kmtromic board, you can not turn off the relay and the command will not arrive at your destination, so you might burn the connected equipment, it is recommended when using the timer fiction, a hardware timer.
Here's how is operation:
1) Send the command; Set the button's value-neutral (gray)
2) Awaits the outcome of the command and re-reads the status of the button;
3) Show the status of the button;